Ochre will help you ENGAGE the best people and win their passionate support,
help them ACHIEVE outstanding results. GROW them to make the greatest
contribution they can and REWARD their loyalty and performance.

The business case for Ochre

Are you interested in helping your managers do a better job of their everyday people management responsibilities?

The business case for OCHRE rests on the benefits of better day-to-day people management, greater HR function effectiveness and lower cost, higher quality service delivery. Benefits our clients report include:

More capable leaders who manage their people more successfully.business-case-icon

HR teams are in the business of growing manager capability. This becomes a strategic issue to the extent that you believe your leaders need to take a step up in the people management area for the organisation to achieve its mission. Ochre has a track record of enabling managers to do a better job across all their areas of responsibility. This improves team and indi

vidual performance, retention and employee engagement. Ochre gives leaders the tools and coaching to take a step up.

Client feedback includes:

  • Senior managers and HR advisors report that after using Ochre for some time their managers are generally more skilled, knowledgeable, confident, prepared and active in everyday areas such as: recruitment, onboarding, setting expectations, getting performance back on track, coaching, delegation, talking about remuneration etc.
  • HR Directors report that managers who were previously reluctant to tackle people issues now use Ochre resources to handle day-to-day issues with reduced reference to HR.
  • Managers who have used Ochre report a better understanding of what to do and how to do it plus increased confidence and willingness to actively manage their people. They appreciate Ochres practical usefulness including; process explanations, tips, tools, videos, conversation plans and clarity about their responsibilities. Most of all they like being able to find what they need fast.

Improved HR productivity and effectiveness.

Modern organisations have smaller HR teams and still support the business effectively. Technology makes up the gap. Ochre will provide sophisticated, cost effective first line support. As one client CEO put it Ochre is like every one of my managers having access to their own senior HR advisor 24×7. With Ochre as the first level of support, your HR team can be redirected to higher-value work or your team size can be reduced. Multiple clients estimate that since introducing Ochre their HR advisors have 20 – 30% more time for higher value projects. Finally, it’s usually true that until we get the HR basics in place and working well,  its hard to engage leaders about an OD agenda such as talent management, growing engagement or becoming a learning organisation. Ochre puts the basics in place creating a strong platform for your strategic HR initiatives.

Cost effectiveness.

Ochre is a one-off cost equivalent to around 50% of the TREM of a senior HR advisor. For that, you get a complete overhaul of your people policies, processes and resources and a customised intranet that acts as an online coach, equivalent to an extra senior HR advisor, available 24 x 7 to all your managers. This gives clients the opportunity for a 6 month payback on their investment by not expanding their team to handle the volume of work they have in hand or reducing team size. Client estimates to build their own equivalent intranet are around $100- $120k and five times the project length.

The HR world is moving this way.

Worldwide, organisations are investing to empower their managers and using HR portals as the first tier of HR service delivery. Global HR consulting firm Towers Watson in their 2014 HR Service Delivery and Technology Survey  identified (1048 organisations surveyed globally) a continuing trend by HR to empower the organisation. In reporting the major initiatives participants had undertaken in the previous 18 months they found the following;

  • 55% were re-engineering key HR processes.
  • 49% were improving line manager’s people management capabilities.
  • 36% were implementing and leveraging manager self-service.
  • 31% were refocusing the role of the HR business partner.
  • 24% implemented a new HR portal.

Ochre helps deliver on all these priorities.

A fast, cost-effective upgrade of your HR infrastructure.

Ochre comes loaded with high quality resources in all major areas of HR activity. During customisation, we identify the gaps or weaknesses in your resources and upgrade. Every Ochre client has reported a valuable improvement in the quality of their processes, resources, tools and other resources. These improvements occur as we critically compare your resources in each area with our best practice IP and upgrade where necessary.

A future proof resource.

We will train your people to update the intranet as required. This allows your organisation to change content and deploy new HR initiatives quickly. Also, as a intranet,  Ochre will easily link to other software you may implement in future and does not duplicate functionality of your payroll or other systems.

Ochre is more likely to be used than your existing intranet.

Most managers will not use traditional intranets they consider poorly organised and hard to use. Ease-of-use equates to a greater likelihood of self-help. Clients say that Ochres’ Wikipedia style, ease of navigation, plain English approach and useful content (i.e. icons, flow-charts, tips, video clips, conversation plans, explanations etc) encourages use. Ochres’ blogging capability increases interaction with your leaders and gives them more reasons to visit the portal.

OCHRE will help your organisation tick all these boxes.