Ochre will help you ENGAGE the best people and win their passionate support,
help them ACHIEVE outstanding results. GROW them to make the greatest
contribution they can and REWARD their loyalty and performance.


What does an Ochre HR intranet look like?

You’re looking at an internal page right now!  This website is built in the same Word Press theme that we use for our clients’ Ochre intranets.  So the site navigation (with top and side drop-down navigation menu) and the internal pagehttp://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-image-3d-small-people-team-puzzles-image25828266s will look like this website but customised for your corporate livery.  Your home page, containing quick and easy-access ‘app icons’ will look like that displayed on our HR Intranet Features page but again, customised for your business.  The same features that you see on this website can be used on your Ochre HR Intranet – flowcharts with hover-overs for additional text; links to documents; drop-down toggles – like those below – to hide text content, making it easy to put a lot of information onto one page; images within drop-down toggles and  video clips for a more interactive learning experience.  And, of course, all pages are linked when cross-referenced – this makes Ochre a simple, easy to navigate resource for your managers.


What platform is used for an Ochre intranet?

Our preference is to work in Word Press because it generally has greater functionality.  We have also completed intranets in SharePoint.  If you operate a different platform, ask us if Ochre can be translated into this platform.

Just how flexible is the design and content of an Ochre intranet?

Because an Ochre intranet is fully customised to your HR functions, it can be as comprehensive or minimal, as you need it to be.

Ochre is designed around five broad HR functions into which 26 different ‘apps’ fall:

Recruitment; Employment Agreements; Onboarding: Setting Expectations; Health & Safety; Wellbeing; Growing Engagement.
Performance Development; Feedback & Coaching; Getting Performance Back on Track; Disciplinary Process; Leave; Employment Relationship Problems; Resignation.
On the Job Training; Learning & Developent; Leading Change; Delegation; Our Values.
Remuneration; Benefits; Recognition
Ask HR; Employment Law Summaries; Policies & Forms; FAQ’s.

You may choose to use all or only some of these apps.  You may ask us to develop more!  You can rename them to line up with what your business calls each function.  You can populate the intranet with your own content, or like most of our clients, use a combination of our content combined with your processes.  The beauty of Ochre is that it is completely customised to YOUR requirements.

What is the process for building an Ochre HR intranet and how long does it take?

We work alongside you all the way!  Once you have given the project the green light, the process is:

  • A dedicated 3-4 days spent with your HR team to understand what content already exists and to determine a suitable site architecture.
  • Allocation of responsibility for the various intranet sections to members of your HR team.
  • Working individually with each team member to customise our content to your processes and policies.
  • Simultaneous loading of content, checking of content and linking of documents to your file server.

The project will take between 6-8 weeks, sometimes less, but the length of the project really is dependent on how accessible your HR team can be.

How is an Ochre HR Intranet kept up-to-date and what about linking it to our document system, how does that work?

Once your intranet is complete, it becomes your responsibility to keep it updated and this is quick and easy!  We will train members of your HR team in the basics of Word Press as well as providing a digital Word Press manual.

All the documents referred to in the content of your Ochre intranet eg. position descriptions, employment agreements etc are ideally linked to the documents held on your document management system.  This can be done as part off your HR team’s training towards completion of the project.  If linking to your document system is not possible, Ochre has its own document library where documents can be filed and easily updated and added to.

Cloud or server - where is it hosted?

Your Ochre intranet can either be hosted on the cloud or migrated to your server once complete – both options work successfully and securely.

What does an Ochre intranet cost to build?

Each project is different, depending on the degree of customisation you require. As an indication, a typical Ochre intranet will be around half the total annual cost of a mid-level HR adviser.

Is there an annual licensing fee or similar?

No, typically, Ochre is a one-off cost.