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Leading Change

We are committed to building a better business so, as leaders in the business we are expected to be progressive, forward looking and challenge the way things are done today. Some people say leading change can be like…  


Your responsibility!

Is to challenge the status quo, proactively seek, and successfully implement, opportunities to improve things in your area and to react effectively to outside events that call for change.

Leading change successfully

Delivering successful change requires real leadership, skillful management and the right tools. The key elements of our approach to managing change include;

Approval of a business vcase for change which identifies the why, what, when, where and how of the change proposal including the cost benefit.

A comprehensive change impact assessment will help us understand how individuals will be affected and plan our change process.http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-image-love-change-image28526101 The assessment identifies the different impact the proposed change will have on various individuals or groups affected (e.g. job security, status, skills, responsibility, relationships, remuneration, risk etc). This assessment also describes how we plan to manage that impact to win support for the proposed change. Our guidelines for leading change provide you with a background understanding of how change impacts people, why they resist change and how to navigate change successfully.

A comprehensive change plan. This planning template recognises that there are typically eight phases to a successful change initiative from establishing the need for change through communicating to win buy-in to, ultimately, making the change stick. Our template provides planning questions at each stage and identifies risks/failure points to be managed or avoided. Ultimately it comes down to talking with individuals about proposed change that may impact them using our conversation plan to help you. Where the change involved includes restructuring with the potential for redundancy or significant change to job content use the resources in our restructuring and redundancy section. It provides a legally compliant restructuring process and all the letters you need to plan and conduct these processes.

Legal obligations – Caution!

You have legal obligations where proposed change significantly impacts someone’s job (content, responsibility, reporting lines, relationships, prospects etc) or terms and conditions of employment.  This includes a general obligation to consult people before making such changes and in many cases the need to get agreement from the person impacted.  If you believe changes you are contemplating will significantly impact current work arrangements of your employees, you should discuss these implications with your manager.