Ochre will help you ENGAGE the best people and win their passionate support,
help them ACHIEVE outstanding results. GROW them to make the greatest
contribution they can and REWARD their loyalty and performance.

Manager training resources

Grow the people-management skills and competence of your managers.

Courageous Business Conversations (CBC) is a development program, tailored for your managers, that complements Ochre. CBC comprises up to ten modules, each targeting a different aspect of people management capability. Modules use case based discussion and your organisations processes to improve the learning experience.


Managers as Magnets
Setting Expectations
Managing Health & Safety
Recruitment and Induction
Getting Performance Back on Track
Leading Change
Communicating with your team
Performance Development and Delegation
Discipline, Warning & Dismissal


Programme purpose: To improve the ability of managers to achieve results through people…….by developing the skill, and will, to hold often ‘courageous’ conversations with employees about every day events that matter; from setting high expectations, to handling difficult workplace issues.
Taget group: Managers, at all levels, whose responsibility includes; setting expectations, delegating, coaching, getting performance back on track, implementing change, discipline, warnings or dismissal and working with employees where personal problems or conflict are impacting the workplace.
Content: CBC content begins by posing the big question “Why would they work for you?” and exploring the role we as managers play in creating an environment where employees will be engaged and perform to their potential. Thereafter modules address: How to Grow Engagement In Your Team; Setting Expectations, Effective Delegation, Feedback and coaching, Getting Performance Back On-Track, Managing Change Successfully, Disciplinary Processes, Handling Conflict and Personal Problems.
Learning approach: The program is modular allowing you to select and customise material and delivery to suit your business need. Learning combines: Pre work (Cases) + Workshops (theory, cases, and role-play) + Applied Learning (Homework) + Follow-Up (to ensure results). All material and cases are customised to reflect people issues in your business, your policy, systems, processes and culture. CBC is typically scheduled across up to three one-day blocks to suit your needs. People learn by solving real cases (over 30 customised cases) to learn good technique, seeing good technique modelled and then applying that technique (including role-play).
Business case: CBC’s ROI comes through improved employee performance and higher engagement levels. It does this by developing in your managers the skill, and will, to hold often ‘courageous’ conversations with employees about every day events that matter, from setting high expectations, to handling difficult workplace issues. It teaches managers how to create a workplace where engagement is high, and employee performance and capability are fostered every day.
Facilitator: Paul Loof has 25 years in the field of people and performance, assisting at Board, CEO and senior executive level with the ‘people’ element of business performance improvement including coaching managers at all levels. He is an experienced HR Director, MD, consultant and facilitator. His is experienced in organisation development, employee relations, change management, restructuring, M&A, HR strategy and remuneration. Paul has a passion for leadership development having designed and delivered or directed a number of in-house programmes for high potential leaders. He brings broad experience from assignments across a range of sectors including; manufacturing, professional services, local government, food, retail, meat, finance and insurance, health, hospitality and entertainment.
Courageous Business Conversations: Developing in your managers the skill, and will, to hold often ‘courageous’ conversations with employees about everyday events that shape their performance.